Makers of New Orleans is a community run makerspace right here in the crescent city. The word "makerspace" can mean a whole bunch of things. Our space works more like shared studio space or a well equipped garage. We have a healthy mix of basic woodworking, light metalworking, Electronics, CNC, and 3D Printing. It's not everything under the sun, but it's a fair bit more than anyone is likely to have on their own. 

Any membership money goes straight towards keeping the rent paid and the lights on. There are no paid employees so it's up to members to run the space and keep it clean. We occasionally have classes and workshops, but we're not a polished space with tons of programming. If you want to learn how to use a tool or make something outside of your usual skill set just ask someone for help. What this space is and what you get out of it is really up to you.

The space is open for non-members on the First Friday of every month from 7-9pm. There's a cool wine shop next door that sells good booze if you're looking to whet your whistle.

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Makers of New Orleans

1001 S Broad Street
Studio 102

Tel. (504) 812-7233

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