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Unsere Dienstleistungen

  • Working Studio

    Membership gets you access to the space and the basic tools (compound miter saw, table saw, drill press, cordless tools, soldering station, small project storage)

  • CNC Machines & 3D Printers

    Beyond the basics, our space also has a CNC Router, CNC Mill, and two 3D Printers that open for members to use.

  • Future Friends

    We're more than a room with tools in it. Whether you become a paying member or just swing by on free nights we'll be happy to see you.

  • Free Nights & Monthly Events

    Wednesday's from 7-10pm

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  • Tinker Level



    • Looking for a spot to work on projects that are too big or too messy for home? This level is a good fit that helps you have a space to knock out those hobby projects.

  • Maker Level



    • Got a side-hustle that’s getting kinda serious? Need access to more than your average tools? Looking for 24/7 access to space where you can do your thing? We got you.

  • Benefactor Level



    • Want to support the Maker Movement and get access to the space? Get all the benefits of the Maker level plus a warm and fuzzy feeling.

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  • Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

    A little something something to let you feel good knowing you've given some money to help keep Makers of NO going strong.

    $20,00 Greifen Sie jetzt zu

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